Nobel laureate James M. Buchanan and Viktor J. Vanberg (2003)

Bildquelle: Walter Eucken Institut

Geschrieben am von in der Kategorie Ordnungspolitik.

In the debate surrounding the Eurozone crisis, “Germany’s rule-based legal approach” has become a target of criticism by many of its European partners. Searching for the reason or “ideology” behind this approach, a number of commentators have pointed to the lasting influence of Ordoliberalism.

The purpose of this paper is to offer a brief introduction into the tradition of Ordoliberalism, its roots in the so-called Freiburg School, and the rationale behind the concept of Ordnungspolitik that is at the core of this tradition.

Professor Viktor J. Vanberg shows that the Freiburg School with its ordoliberal concept of Ordnungpolitik advocates rules not for their own sake but for important reasons.